Shout Out!

So we went to the Shout Out Out Out Out show on Monday... get this- there were like ten people in the bar. It was so weird that we were half the crowd but it was definitely the most intimate experience with live music I've had. They played alot of their new stuff which is SO COOL. I met the lead singer Nik afterwards- really cool guy. He mentioned that it was their first ever Denver show, all the while I was saying that I couldn't believe more people weren't there. Seriously, this group has some really amazing shit. Their new album comes out on May 5th- it's a little more advanced than the previous records I have, definitely more rhythmic and organic.

And you better come the next time they play in Denver. I will provide updates.

OOOOH we are working more on the live show.... new ideas.... gonna be so cool....! I was listening to the first segment of the set today, and I had a serious moment.


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