we've been lazy!

We've been completely lazy in updating lately..... that's going to change very very soon. Got some new pics to upload... got lots of cool/funny vids to come too. oh! how could i forget, the BPro remix of Turn It Up is done! i'll be posting that tomorrow i think, just wanna make sure i like the final mix :)

and don't forget to follow us on twitter........ twitter.com/jonathanandbpro

and and and go to the Church tonight to see Effektor's dj set. They are rad. If you go the church's twitter page (http://twitter.com/ChurchNightClub) and print the entry about cheap cover for Effektor, you get in for five (that's what the boys said, ten at most) instead of usual 20. Effektor is headlining and they go on around 11:30. Go go go go!


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