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What happens when your band’s entire set consists of only four songs and the crowd still begs for more? If you’re local electro duo Jonathan And BPro, you rewind, remix, and totally satisfy the party people with a repeat performance. To get an audience jumping on a low-key weekday night is quite the feat, but Jonathan And BPro did that and more during their Tuesday night set at the Larimer Lounge. The pair pulled off its baby set as if the room was on fire, and the non-existent camera flashes were huge. In front of two tall and sleekly crafted boards of pattern-flashing lights (run behind the scenes by Alejandro Archuleta), vocalist Jonathan Nelson let his springy pompadour take the lead, barreling headfirst into “We Go On.” His fancy feet skipped through “Hypnotized,” “Can You Get Down,” and “Turn It Up,” as his equally pretty other half, BPro—his own bowtie and Bowie hair working with a classic rock 'n' roll ease—provided the beats from behind the glow of a MacBook. When the crowd asked for more, the duo sewed up the evening with a remix of “Turn It Up” and gave “Hypnotized” a lovely second turn. Jonathan And BPro’s fashion-forward aesthetic and hyper-clubby sound were obvious reasons why the show stood out among the usual straightforward Denver rock band fare. But more glaringly apparent was the fact that the duo had their shit together, as evidenced by the stand-out visuals, well-rehearsed dance moves, and sweetly addictive tunes that were just as good the second time around.

By Bree Davies

Link: http://denver.decider.com/articles/jonathan-and-bpro-at-larimer-lounge,30473/

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  1. What a fabulous review!!!!! You guys completely deserve it-Keep up the wonderful work! Can't wait til more of your stuff comes out! Love you guys!