The Denver Decider calls the party people

Sure, being in a band isn't really all that glamorous. In the beginning, the money is tight, the crowds are small, and a fancy get-up isn't at the top of a performer's priority list. But Denver's Jonathan And BPro call bullshit on this trend, and tonight the impeccably dressed pair will give the Wednesday night new talent showcase crowd at Herman's Hideaway a run for their money. These guys rubbed The A.V. Club the right way the last time they were around at the Larimer Lounge with their flawless light show, costume changes, and the most enticing four-song set we've heard in a long time. Beatmaker BPro even told us that for tonight's show, the duo has doubled their set list. We just hope that means four costume changes in the span of 30 minutes instead of two. Cross your fingers!

Full article here by Bree Davies

Thanks to Beth and Bree for sending this to us!

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